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What are Binary Options?


A Binary Option is simply a bet that the price of a stock (or other asset) will either be higher or lower at a specific point in time. Binary Options come in two flavors:

"Call" and "Put"

A CALL is a bet that the price will go UP.
A PUT is a bet that the price will go DOWN.

But the unique thing about Binary Options is that it DOES NOT MATTER how high or how low the price goes.

If you buy a Call and the price goes up by ANY amount - you WIN.
If you buy a Put and the price goes lower by ANY amount - you WIN.

Let's take a look at a regular stock chart...


If you've seen stock charts before, you will probably recognize the above as a "Line Chart", where a line represents the price fluctuations of a stock over time. The dollar values on the right are labels for the price and the times at the bottom are there to keep track of the stock's price as it fluctuates throughout the day.

In the above chart, if you buy one share for $100 and sell it for $110, you profit $10. But if the stock only reaches $105, you only make $5. When trading stocks, profits depend on how much a stock moves.

Binary Options have a GUARANTEED return with every win.

With Binary Options, there is a fixed amount of money you will make when you win. This is set as a percentage of what you bet. It varies from trade to trade and from broker to broker, but it is usually between 75% to 95% of what you bet. Let's just take 75%, for example. That means that if you bet $100, you will win $75. No matter if the stock moves as far up as $150 or as little as $101, you STILL win the whole $75.

Before we look at a Binary Options trade, let's explain two things that are common to all options:


Expiration and Strike.



All options have a deadline - an exact time when the option will end. The formal term for this deadline is "Expiration". Stock Options have Expirations lasting months or even years.

However, Binary Options have Expirations as short as 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour and even 60 seconds. The chart on the left shows a 1 hour Expiration. The trade was entered at 10:00 AM (Blue Entry Time) and it expired 1 hour later at 11:00 AM (Red Expiration)



With Binary Options, the "Strike" is basically the "dividing line" used to decide what's Up or Down. It is normally the price at which you entered the trade.

In our example, the stock was at $100 when we entered the trade, so the Strike price is $100. If on Expiration, the stock is above the Strike price (above $100), it has gone UP. If it is below the Strike price (below $100), it has gone DOWN.


Ok, let's put everything together...


In the chart above, the black lines represents the movement of price over time. The lines that are dotted represent the possibility that after entering the trade, the price could either move above or below the Strike Price. The green zone represents the area where a Call would win and the pink zone represents the area where a Put would win, if the price ends there on Expiration.

To completely clarify things, let's go through the only 3 possible outcomes. Let's say it's 10:00 AM and the price of the stock is $100 as in our example. At 11:00 AM (the Expiration), there will only be 3 possibilities:

The price will be ABOVE $100

The price will be BELOW $100

The price will be EXACTLY $100

If you think the stock will be ABOVE $100 at 11:00 AM:

you would buy a CALL with a Strike Price of $100 and an expiration of 1 hour. Then, at 11:00 AM, as long as the stock is HIGHER than $100 by ANY amount, you win the bet.


If you think the stock will be BELOW $100 at 11:00 AM:

you would buy a PUT with a Strike Price of $100 and an expiration of 1 hour. Then, at 11:00 AM, as long as the stock is LOWER than $100 by ANY amount, you win the bet.


If the price ends up EXACTLY at $100 at 11:00 AM

it will be a TIE. You neither win nor lose.


It's all very simple, isn't it?
But there's more going on behind the scenes...



Here are a few facts that Binary Option "brokers" don't want you to know...


In REAL financial markets, an Option is a contract that gives you the right to buy the underlying asset. But Binary Options are not ANY type of contract at all. They DO NOT give you the right to buy the underlying asset. The term "Binary Option" is purposely misleading.


These websites needed a way to attract prudent investors who would never dream of gambling with their hard-earned money. So to give the appearance of legitimate investing, they called these bets "Options" and then based them on real financial markets.


Calling themselves "brokers" is an insult to your intelligence. A broker is a person who places trades on an exchange on behalf of an investor. But Binary Options "brokers" never place any orders with any exchange. They are just BOOKIES taking bets from suckers.


Binary Options websites are just glorified online casinos and "trades" are just bets. Binary Options are rigged so that you'll profit LESS than 100% when you win. However, when you lose, you lose your ENTIRE bet. It's only a matter of time before you lose it all.

Binary Options are designed to steal your money

Why are we telling you all this?

Aren't we selling a course on Binary Options?


That's right, but we want you to know the truth so you don't feel guilty when YOU get to fleece THEM.


Binary Option "brokers" (at least outside the United States) are not brokers of anything. They don't actually broker (transact on your behalf) any trades between you and any exchange. Your orders never make it to any exchange. Placing "orders" with them is exactly like placing a bet in a casino game.


These web sites are just a front for online casinos posing as "brokerages" and the "brokers" are just bookies taking bets. If you win, they pay you and if you lose, they keep your bet. They take the other side of your bets and ONLY make their money when you lose. This is worth repeating: THEY ONLY MAKE MONEY WHEN YOU LOSE. So obviously, no matter what they tell you...


They secretly WANT you to lose.





The same thing that brings them so much business also happens to be their weakest link.




So what is this weakness?





Basing their betting platform on the outcome of live financial markets has allowed Binary Options web sites to create the illusion of being "legitimate brokers" in order to lure in new suckers.


However, it is precisely the fact that they are based on live financial markets that gives us the opportunity to exploit it and gain an advantage over them.


THAT'S their weakness. The same thing that gives them the credibility they DEPEND on is exactly the thing we can exploit in order to milk these "brokers" over and over and over.




There was an old strategy invented a few decades ago by a mathematician by the name of Dr. Timothy Wallace. His technique was absolutely amazing at predicting direction. The technique produced predictions that were correct 83.72% of the time.


But as good as it was for predicting price direction, it didn't work for stocks, because with stocks, you not only have to be correct as regards direction, but you also need the price to move far enough to produce a decent profit. In stocks, commodities or currencies, the gain or loss is VARIABLE so you can win or lose different amounts in each trade.


This can totally throw off the performance of a technique no matter how good it is at predicting direction. It doesn't matter if you win 8 out of 10 times if when you win, you only win $100 but when you lose, you lose $500. You would end up losing. Here's how:


You WIN 8 trades x $75 = $600 
You LOSE 2 trades x $500 = $1000 

You get a Net LOSS of    $400 


But it works UNBELIEVABLY WELL for Binary Options. Why? Because with Binary Options, it DOESN'T MATTER if the price ends up a hundred points or only one point away from the initial price. Up is up and down is down. AND the gain/loss percentage of Binary Options is fixed. Our Strategy uses this fixed percentage in our favor to take full advantage of the technique's ability to predict price direction. Now look what happens when using the same 8 out of 10 win ratio as above, but with the FIXED percentage of Binary Options:


You WIN 8 trades x $75 = $600 
You LOSE 2 trades x $100 = $200 

You get a Net PROFIT of    $400 
You WIN 8 trades x $75 = $600 
You LOSE 2 trades x $100 = $200 

You get a Net PROFIT of    $400 
You WIN 8 trades x $75 = $600 
You LOSE 2 trades x $100 = $200 

You get a Net PROFIT of    $400 




You may be able to correctly predict the direction of the price, but it’s useless if by the time the option expires, the price reverses and ends up on the wrong side of the Strike Price. You MUST also ensure that the price will be where you want it at the time the option expires. So the timing of the expiration is imperative for winning at Binary Options. You can’t just pick any expiration at random.


Choosing the expiration is the other critical decision when setting up a Binary Option trade because it determines the exit. It must be timed so the option expires right around the moment when the price is expected to be at the point farthest away from the Strike Price so as to safeguard against a possible returning of the price back to the Strike Price. This is the other important element that completes the puzzle to make a truly working and reliable strategy for use with Binary Options.


It's amazing to us how other Binary Option strategies have you pick the Expiration according to what time frame you want to trade FIRST and THEN they try to predict the direction. That's starting out on the wrong foot. They put the cart before the horse. They have you pick the duration according to what you would like to or "feel comfortable" trading. THEN they have you try to predict the direction.


That's backwards. The most important thing to determine FIRST is the direction and THEN you calculate which is the best and safest time to exit the trade according to the behavior of THAT stock or currency or commodity.


You need to predict the direction FIRST and THEN predict at what point in time will the price be the farthest away from the Strike Price. Then and ONLY THEN do you chose the expiration.


So now that you have a way to:

1. Predict price direction 80% of the time and

2. Predict the safest time to exit...


...you have a method that works like magic for systematically pumping money out of Binary Options "brokers" day after day.



Our Strategy works so well, it’s like having a Crystal Ball.

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There is no scarcity of Binary Options brokers. There are lots of them all over the world, so picking one or a few will not be difficult. Americans have a little bit more difficulty finding a broker that will accept American customers, but there are plenty of those too.
Our course contains a section dealing with brokers where it will tell you very valuable information and advice on how to open an account and deal with brokers.
  • Brokers for Americans

    Many brokers world-wide do not accept American customers. But there are still plenty of brokers that accept Americans, in addition to the NADEX.
  • The NADEX

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  • Opening an account

    There are certain things you should do and others you should NOT do when opening a new account at a Binary Options broker and we will tell you.
  • Dealing with brokers

    It's great to make money, but remember Binary Options brokers make money when you lose, so when you start making a lot of money, they won't like it.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it legal for Americans to trade Binary Options?

Yes. Binary Options trading is completely legal for Americans. In fact, in the United States, there is a Binary Options Exchange regulated by the CFTC called the NADEX, where Americans can trade Binary Options. The reason some foreign brokers will not accept American customers is because they have not been approved by regulatory agencies in the US. In those cases, it is the BROKERS that are restricted, not the traders. And some foreign brokers do accept American customers. The course will show you which foreign brokers accept American customers.

Is this difficult or complicated? I'm afraid I might not understand it.

Not at all. Binary Options are the EASIEST form of trading there is. You just have to decide if you want to bet on the price going up or down and click a button. In addition, we wrote the course in plain simple 8th grade English. We have gone to great lengths to explain it in a way that even an elementary school child can understand (with pictures and everything).

I don't live in the United States, will this still work for me?

Yes. In fact, people in countries other than the United States have MORE choices than Americans. The course is written in American English, so you must be able to read and understand English in order to get the benefits of the Course.

How long before I can start trading?

If you can read English and you can follow directions, you can start practicing the next day. However, the time it will take someone to practice until they feel confident enough to start trading with real money depends on the person. But to give you some idea, a complete novice will probably need about a couple of weeks to get the hang of it.

What exactly do I get when I buy your course?

Immediately after payment, you will see a screen with a link to download the file. Once you've saved it to your computer, you will recognize it as an Adobe Reader PDF file with the format: filename.pdf. Because it is a downloadable electronic book, there are no shipping costs and no waiting for it to come the mail. You can start reading it right now.

Can I read it on my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, we don't lock our ebooks to a single machine. Some people do that, but we don't. You can copy and read our manual on any computer, tablet or mobile device you like.

Are there any recurring charges?

No, there are absolutely no recurring charges, fees, subscriptions, memberships or any of that. You buy our ebook one time and that's it. You never pay us anything again.

Besided the course, will I have other expenses?

If you already have a computer and an internet connection, that's all you'll need. You'll have to deposit an initial trading amount with your broker in order to have some money in your balance to start trading with.

Will I be able to use my smartphone to work with my accounts?

That will depend on the broker you decide to use. But most brokers that most people use mobile devices more and more so most brokers will have apps that you can use, some you'll be able to use your mobile device's browser to go to their website as if you were at your home computer.

Can I trade with more than one broker at a time?

Yes, and it's something we actually recommend.

How do I contact you if I have a question?

Simply use our Contact Form which is just below and send us your question.

What if I am not satisfied with your Courses, do you offer a refund?

Yes. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We know that our Courses work, so before you ask for a refund, please make sure it's not something that you didn't understand, so please ask us any questions you need to ask in order to clarify it. Please see our Refund Policy at the bottom of our website.

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